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TheĀ  content of this website has been extensively researched and reference from various history books (as listed in the above website) taken.

Plus incidents and folklore about our ancestors told by our elders in the family since last one century.

The undersigned also visited pandits of Haridwar, Vrindavan and Gaya and researched the old demise records of the Sukerchakia ancestors and their family records had been maintained by Gujranwala Pandits.

Coming from the royal lineage of Mahraja clan our family after migrating from Gujranwala was alloted land in Karnal (Haryana). We, the Sukerchakias have been residing here for the past 70 years.

The living legendary family is into Hotel business besides Farming.

The 5-star dx flagship property of the family is “The Noormahal Palace Hotel” in Delhi NCR.




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