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Sikh Castes

Sansi Sikh Subcastes

     Many of these Bhati Rajputs moved north into Punjab and the Sikh ruling houses of Jind, Faridkot and Patiala as well as the clan of Maharaja Ranjit Singh, who was a Sansi,   traced their origin to these Bhati Rajputs.  Bhati Rajputs were originally a Jadubansi Rajput tribe tracing origin to Lord Krishna’s clan.

 Some of the other names Sansis are commonly  known with are Saunsis, Sainsis, Sahnsis, Sahsis, Sansiyas, Bhatus or Bhantus.


Shamir,  Shibar ,Piddi, Pohu, Puri, Rahar ,Raiwal ,Ranji.